About Us


Agripower Australia Limited owns and operates its mining and processing operations, located in north Queensland, Australia.


Agripower produces high quality silicon fertiliser products, which have high Plant Available Silicon (PAS). These products also have high Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC) and are very good absorbents as well as adsorbents, which significantly improve water and nutrient retention.


Agripower has developed a range of products including Agrisilica fertilisers range. These products are available as a granule, a chip or powder product, generally packaged in 1 cubic metre bulk bag or 25Kg WPP bags.


Agripower has commissioned a new processing facility located at Charters Towers, west of Townsville, north Queensland. This facility produces granule, chip and powder fertilisers and soil amendments. Stage 1 of a complex processing operation has been completed and plans of expansions are under way to enable  production capacity to  reach 1 million tonnes per annum.